Iristrac Traceability. Iris-Based Animal Recognition

What is Iristrac?

Iristrac, LLC is a biometric animal identification company which allows owners and organizations to identify their animals in a non-invasive, accurate and tamper-proof manner. Its initial product is the equine eyeD Identification System, comprised of a patented iris scanner, a cloud server, a database and a training and support program. Iristac technology is rapidly becoming the equine ID method of choice among horse associations, equine practitioners and large equine facilities such as the KY Horse Park. Industry professionals are advocating the many benefits of iris recognition because it is painless, easy-to-use and accurate.

Our Technology

The Iristrac technology provides reliable identification of animals using biometric features contained in the iris of the eye. Borrowing from well-established technology for human iris recognition, but with novel enhancements that accommodate the ocular anatomy of the animal, the Iristrac algorithms embodied in the EyeD Scanner software automatically capture images of the eye, locate the parts of the image that contain the iris, and extract texture features expressed as a binary code. These binary features, or templates, are stored on the scanner along with other horse information, owner information, and body pictures, and can be uploaded via WiFi to the EyeD Cloud Server for storage. Identification of an animal is achieved by comparing the stored templates with newly-generated templates from an animal to be identified using a simple, fast data comparison method.

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Products & Services

EyeD Scanner

a non-invasive and 99% accurate iris scanner with patented software that quickly produces a unique iris ID (eyeD #) for a horse – think of it like a VIN# for an automobile. During enrollment, the horse’s exclusive eyeD #, iris photos for each eye, name, breed, date of birth and four full body pictures are entered into the horse’s file, stored in the scanner and can be transmitted via WiFi to the cloud server.

EyeD Cloud Server and Database

stores and allows access by an authorized user with a web browser to a horse’s database enrollment files on a 24/7 basis. Using an API bridge in the future, the server will be able to connect, transmit and receive data from our customers’ servers. This data could include a horse’s health and medical files, performance history, association membership records, travel documents, etc.

Training and Support

Iristrac will provide an extensive eyeD training and support program for our customers to ensure the most effective and efficient user experience.

Management Team

Dan Stewart

The Chairman and founder of Iristrac. He owns Stewart and Associates and has served on the board of many equine organizations, including several present appointments. His design and marketing firm has established long-term relationships with many horse-related clients over the course of its 40+ years.

Charles Buddeke

A co-founder and President is a businessman and former horse owner. He has also had leadership positions in economic development and civic projects.

Jim Cambier

PhD is another co-founder and Chief Technology Officer. He is the inventor of Iristrac’s patented software and is a human and animal iris identification expert.

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