Iristrac Traceability. Iris-Based Animal Recognition

What is Iristrac?

Iristrac, LLC is a biometric animal identification company which allows owners and organizations to identify their animals in a non-invasive, accurate and tamper-proof manner. Its initial product is the equine eyeD Identification System, comprised of a patented iris scanner, a cloud server, a database and a training and support program. Iristac technology is rapidly becoming the equine ID method of choice among horse associations, equine practitioners and large equine facilities such as the KY Horse Park. Industry professionals are advocating the many benefits of iris recognition because it is painless, easy-to-use and accurate.

Our Mission and Purpose

The purpose of Iristrac™ is to provide horse owners with a painless, non-invasive method of identification and a web platform and database to store and access their horse’s IDs and other records.

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Our Products

Iristrac’s initial product is the Equine eyeD™ Identification System, comprised of a patented iris scanner and a training and support program. We are updating these products by developing a new scanner and cloud based, web platform.

Management Team

The Iristrac day-to-day management team consists of Charles Buddeke (President) and James Cambier, PhD (Chief Technology Officer). Charles is an experienced businessman and start-up investor. James has spent over 30 years in the biometrics industry developing and deploying human and animal iris recognition solutions.
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